How To Pick A Wedding Photographer

Here are a few quick things you will want to consider when choosing a wedding photographer. All though there is no rule on how to choose, you just want to make sure you remember your wedding day the way you want in 20 years!

Denning Wedding at Emma Creek Barn in Hesston, KS, just 30 minutes north of Wichita, Ks.

Denning Wedding at Emma Creek Barn in Hesston, KS, just 30 minutes north of Wichita, Ks.

  1. Style – What style of photography do you like? Bright and airy, dark and edgy, candid, classic portrait style. Every photographer is different in their own style and take on your wedding day. You want to make sure you and your photographer are a great match so that your expectations are met and you end up with gorgeous images. See photography styles.

    The last thing you want is hiring a photographer with a certain style and you try to push their practices a different way on your day and during the editing process. More times than not, you will be unhappy with the end result.
  2.  Budget – Although you may have a strict budget, photography is almost a, “You get what you pay for” situation. A $400 photography can make a high-end wedding look cheap. But the right photographer can make any scenario look spectacular. If a photographer that you have had an eye on or your hopes set for is running a small special then definitely go for it!
  3. Packages – The best way I found to do this is create an excel sheet with 3 columns: 1 for the business name, 1 for price and 1 for the package I’m interested in. My list is filled with photographers that are in my range of style and budget.

    When going through a package, they normally entail the following: hours of coverage, how many images you will receive, how you will receive them, the rights to the images, online gallery, prints, engagement session and if it includes a 2nd photographer. These are just some examples what MIGHT be included in them. There are packages that offer very minimal and some of these you must purchase as add-on’s. Each photographer words their packages differently. Always ask questions! Never assume you think you might know something.
  4. Reviews – Asking for recommendations can always lead you to someone highly reviewed. Make sure you are paying attention to who is the recommending them, sometimes it can be friends and family trying to just help an up and comer out. Do more research by checking out their websites, Facebook page and Instagram. Some photographers are even reviews on the Knot or Wedding Wire.
  5. Consultations – If everything is going great and you like what you see with a potential photographer, setting up any sort of consultation is recommended. Knowing who you are having shoot your day is important.  Have a list of questions ready to ask that stick out to you or about things you may not understand about their packages. Ask them to explain their packages and they work in detail so you know what to expect.
  6.  Review Full Wedding Albums – Ask to see 1-3 completed wedding albums. You want to make sure that the few highlighted photos that drew you to them are not the only good pictures they took. Make sure that the album as whole is just as good as the featured ones.
  7. Quality Not Quantity – A lot of brides are drawn to the amount they get in a package. Would you rather have 1000 images of sub-par quality or 300 handpicked, edit and take to precise to your standards? Don’t be drawn into the amount you get. You don’t want to spend hours on end going through 1000 images to try to find a few ‘good’ ones.