Wedding Preview | Hatcher Wedding

I had the pleasure of photographer this amazing Rae and Brandon’s beautiful day. The temps were 60 degrees, sun was shining and they were ready to get married!

Here is their story, told by Rae herself:

”Brandon and I met over 11 years ago. We dated for about nine months, and then went our separate young adult ways. Brandon had several jobs and I went to college, had a baby and got my degree. Shortly after my daughter, Rhieleigh was born, Brandon met her, but then again went off to work the job he had at the time. I started teaching, and had Braelynne. Last September, my sister who is a police officer in Derby KS Pulled Brandon over and after that we began talking on a dating website. We started dating in October. When I saw how he was with my girls, and how he had changed and matured over the last several years, I knew I wanted to keep him around. He proposed the weekend after Valentine’s Day, and the last 9 months of wedding preparations have been magical! We can’t wait to see what our future holds! Thank you to you Katy, for helping us make our special day magical, and memorable!”

Venue: Sacred Heart Catholic Church
DJ Service: iLuminous
Billy Sims
Second Photographer:
Trent Burk
Cake: Oh My Ganache Cake

IMG_0654 (2).jpg
IMG_0154 (2).jpg
IMG_0599 (2).jpg
IMG_0629 (2).jpg
IMG_0485 (2).jpg

Congrats to the newly weds!

If you helped with this wedding and would like to be credited please email me with your title and website.